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Double Experience Reveal New Album; EP Trilogy

Pre-orders for Alignments - the new full length album by Double Experience - are now available.

The songs on Alignments are an exploration of the morality alignments from Dungeon and Dragons. This concept record will be divided into 3 standalone EPs to convey the Good, Evil and Neutral aspects of the record.

“Think of it like the zodiac, but for nerds. Our band wanted to demonstrate the connections between a nerdy, fantastical viewpoint of very real situations or emotions. Quite simply, this record is the perfect representation of Double Experience at it's best." - Brock Tinsley, guitarist

Alignments was recorded at Warrior Sound studio in Chapel Hill, NC will long-time Double Experience collaborator Al Jacob. The first EP - Alignments: Neutral - is currently available on all streaming services and is distributed by Soulfood / Believe.

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