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The Ottawa Music Industry is Evolving.

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

November 25 and 26 is officially a Double Experience weekend. However, this is not a typical event for gamers to enjoy a score multiplier in Call of Duty.

Instead, the Ottawa Music Industry (OMIC) and Colfax Rock have partnered to curate a music conference in Canada's capital city. At the center of so-called "Jet Black Weekend" is Double Experience; the aforementioned panels, workshops and showcases will be bookended by two evening concerts.

The panels will feature many voices from the wider Canadian music industry, including guests from Quebec and Nova Scotia. After nearly 70 submissions, a jury selected Malwanian-born artist Taapz, Indie-rock trio Kaspien, and the Francian-Ontarian duo Moonfruits to showcase.

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